Interior paint can completely transform the look and feel of your home, and G.I.K. Painting is your trusted partner for this important home improvement project.

We’ve been painting the interior  homes  over 18 years and provide a 1-year warranty on all work.

Maybe you have your own ideas for the project – a touch up, a new color, or even a completely new vision. Whatever the case, we are looking forward to answering your questions and discussing your ideas!

Install Drywall

Fix Drywall

Whether It's water damage from a leaky roof or from leaky plumbing it can cause severe damaged and mildew. drywall or plaster with these type of damage will need to be repaired or in some case's replaced. we specializes in restoring old plaster and drywall to its original finish. We work hard to restore the appearance of your walls and ceilings. with affordable prices, and courteous service,

* Drywall patching

* Water damaged

* Texture match

* Smooth out ceiling

Laminate floor Installation

* Professional Service

* Fast Response Time

* Laminate Floor Installation

* Laminate Floor Replacement

* All Types of Laminate Flooring

* Residential  Service

Exterior Painting

.We offer complete exterior painting and repair services. Whether you are remodeling your home or making some repairs, our experienced professionals have the knowledge and skills to make it look outstanding. Our services include:

High-Quality Exterior Painting

Free Color Consultation

Power Washing

Priming Bare Wood

Light carpentry

Power washing

If your home is looking a bit dingy, or if mold & mildew seem to be taking over your otherwise beautiful façade, it is probably time for a powerwashing.

We provide care-focused washing services, and as with all of our work, we excel at powerwashing by approaching the job from a problem-solving perspective. As such, we have developed the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively clean your home while minimizing any risk to the structure, landscape & environment.

We use a custom blend application of earth-friendly biodegradable chemicals to power through tough grime and kill mold & mildew, followed by a high-volume low-pressure “softwash” rinse. Depending on the level of softwash desired, we offer augmented services such as gutter cleaning, enhanced access cleaning, and window washing.